MS and Exercise: a letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun

Thank you for your article on Katherine Louma-Gardiner’s approach to fighting MS. You are helping dispel the myth that people with Multiple Sclerosis should not exercise. In fact, for many of us, exercise is part of how we manage our disease.

There are a number of us who have been successfully using fitness to minimize symptoms and improve our overall functioning. The MS Warriors Dragon Boat team workout several times a week and have gone from low-to-no energy to paddling 3k races. Several team members have experienced significant improvements; some who used to walk with canes need them no longer. Some are now racing 10k in ocean canoes.

I have had MS for over 15 years and despite my neurologist’s advice to not exercise, I began swimming six years ago. I have gone from having difficulty walking a block to swimming in a relay across the Strait of Georgia (a 34k stretch) and paddling in a 26k ocean canoe race in Kona. I take no medication and live nearly symptom free.

I hope that people continue to share their stories and more research done in this area. Otherwise people with MS may continue to believe exercise is bad for them.




One Comment on “MS and Exercise: a letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun”

  1. Kerry Donald says:

    I am a 35 yr old Man Newly diagnosed with Primary Progressive MS in April 2012 I use a cane,& am going to Physical Therapy 3x a week I feel improvement in strength & balance & intend to incorporate exercise @ my local gym 2x a week & maybe swim 1x a week or so…..I am looking for any tips & advice that can help me on my goals.

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