MS Oops! What To Do When You Run Out of Lake

About a year after I started training I was prompted by some friends to jump into Thetis Lake and do a bit of open water swimming for MS. And each year I up the challenge by adding distance to my swim. I started with 1.5 kilometers, then 3k, 5k, and last year I swam both the 5k and 20 minutes later the 1.5k events.

This year I have run out of lake.

Swimming is my lifeline. It is what helps me stay strong, healthy and able to live with my disease. Having a new challenge each year is part of how I keep myself motivated. And having challenges that push me physically are a great to remind myself the importance of not limiting oneself.

With no way of increasing my challenge at the annual HtO Thetis Lake Swim for MS I will turn to the ocean. This year, to raise awareness and funds for my disease, I will swim both the Bay Challenge and the HtO Thetis Lake Swim for MS. The Bay Challenge a 9 t0 10 kilometer swim in the frigid waters of the Burrard Inlet from West Vancouver to Kits Beach. The day following the event I swim another 3k at the HtO Thetis Lake Swim for MS.

I’ve never completed a 10k swim, and the ocean is a new play ground for me. I hope the swim will take between 3 ½ and 4 hours. I expect the ocean to present me with a number of challenges along the way. To keep me moving, for both the 10k and 3k swims I will remind myself that I am helping myself and others with Multiple Sclerosis.

Here are a few ways you can help me help others with MS

  1. Cheer me on
  2. Swim it with me
  3. Pledge my swim.

Fifty percent of the funds we raise will be used for a fitness program for people with Multiple Sclerosis and the other 50% will be used for research to help us find a cure.

Thanks for your support!


One Comment on “MS Oops! What To Do When You Run Out of Lake”

  1. Sue says:

    MS Warriors will be there cheering all the swimmers on !!
    Looking forward to it !!

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