MS Fortune : MS Plea

Every day when I wake up I remind myself that my life with Multiple Sclerosis is a fortunate one. I am fortunate to have found a way to live with my disease. The blindness is gone; I have minimized fatigue by maximizing energy; weakness has been replaced by strength; numbness, tingling, dizziness and poor balance are managed through awareness and acceptance of my body’s limits; and depression has been turned into joy as I am now able to participate in the world around me.

Life is not as fortunate however for a number of people who’s daily life focuses on coping with the disease. Many have cognitive impairments, difficulty speaking and swallowing, sensory impairments, spasms and spasticity, tremors and difficulty walking. Some are in wheel chairs, others are bed-ridden.
Many live in pain.

To help those in my community who are not as fortunate as me I will be swimming the length of Lake Cowichan (34k) on July 20th with my friend Alex Cape and a week later racing 1.5k at the HtO Thetis Lake Swim for MS. I will do both of these things with the hope that I will raise awareness about the disease and funds which will be put toward research and fitness programs for people in my immediate community.

Here is my plea: If you are in a position to help, I ask that you kindly donate to my swims.

One Comment on “MS Fortune : MS Plea”

  1. Terry Whitney says:

    Wow – Susan you are inspiring!

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