My MS Journey

Everyones’ journey with Multiple Sclerosis is (MS) different. Here’s some of mine.

MS Marathon: MS Village – Part I: the Village
There were a lot of things running through my mind early Saturday evening, July 20th, as I completed a 34k swim. What stood out the most however was that “it takes a village.” This is my story of that village.


MS Test: 933k to go
Over the next 23 weeks I will swim 933 kilometers to prepare for an iron swim. The test – will I be able to prepare my body in such a way that my MS can manage the strain?

MS Addiction: got dope?
There are over seventy-five drugs many of us have been prescribed for our Multiple Sclerosis. My drug of choice – dopamine – and I regularly self-medicate. Find out why.


MS Marathon: open water swimming and Multiple Sclerosis
As with MS, a marathon swim requires a lot of mental and physical stamina as well as a great deal of planning if you are to make it to the other side. Both also require the foresight to recognize when things aren’t working.
Learn more.


MS Honour: A whale of a tale!
This year I decided to really push myself with distance swimming, and swimming in the ocean. To test my endurance I signed up for a 10k ocean swim.
Find out what happened.


MS Oops! What To Do When You Run Out of Lake
Swimming is my lifeline. It is what helps me stay strong, healthy and able to live with my disease. Having a new challenge each year is part of how I keep myself moving. Read more.


MS Neurons: Positive Transmission
They say that my neurotransmissions get messed up, that sometimes my signals get crossed or they don’t transmit at all. Call me stubborn, I’m just not willing to accept that. Read more.


Multiple Sclerosis in the Raw – a natural state of being
In my simple ways, I thought, if one of Canada’s premier triatheletes Brandan Brazier could use a plant-based whole foods nutrition plan to be a super athlete then maybe I can use it to be normal.


MS Overload: poor planning leads to an MS attack
Sometimes I am my own worst enemy. I like to believe that I am just like everyone else out there and I that it’s ok to behave as though I don’t have Multiple Sclerosis.


MS and Exercise: a letter to the Editor of the Vancouver Sun
Thank you for your article on Katherine Louma-Gardiner’s approach to fighting MS. You are helping dispel the myth that people with Multiple Sclerosis should not exercise.


MS Predictability: Am I sick or having an MS attack?
The more I study my body’s response to the world around me the more predictable I find my Multiple Sclerosis.



All I Want for Christmas: an open letter to Santa
Dear Santa. Because of your advice Santa, I do not need anything this year, however, some of my friends with Multiple Sclerosis do. So I was wondering Santa, this year, would you mind giving them the cure for MS?


My goal is not to end multiple sclerosis
My goal is not to end Multiple Sclerosis (MS). There are plenty of medical experts out there who are taking that battle on and I trust that one day they will succeed. My goal is simply to live in harmony with my disease.


Uncomfortably Numb: MS Tingles or Lactic Burn
This week my swim workouts were designed to increase my lactate tolerance. The increased speed had my body demanding more oxygen and my lactate acid production escalated. I could feel a tingly burning sensation in my arms and legs.


MS Energy: Veganism and Multiple Sclerosis
Energy is precious commodity for those of us with Multiple Sclerosis. According to some studies over 90% of us experience fatigue. I use veganism to combat fatigue.


MS Success: Racing in the Heat in Hawaii
It’s been just less than 24 hours after completing the 26k Queen Lili’uokalani Ocean Canoe race – the world’s largest long distance outrigger canoe race. The impact of the race and the heat on my MS has been minimal; the heat training in Victoria appears to have paid off!

Delving into the Unknown: MS and Heat Training for Hawaii
Two summers ago, I was selected to be part of a crew of women paddlers who were training for a race in Hawaii. After extensive consideration I turned my seat. I just didn’t know if my body could manage the heat. This year I decided to put my body to the test.

MS Victory: swimming across the Strait of Georgia – Part II
On August 6, 2011 at 8 am thirteen swimmers set out to swim 34 kilometres across the Salish Sea; 3 relay teams and 2 individual swimmers. Eight swimmers made the crossing. I am honoured to have been one of them.


MS Motivation: swimming across the Strait of Georgia
I’ve often wondered if I would do less than I do if I didn’t have Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Swimming across the Strait of Georgia is definitely one of those things I agreed to do that leaves me wondering where my motivation comes from.


MS Wings: learning to fly with multiple sclerosis
After five years of swimming with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) I felt ready to take on my ultimate swimming goal: swimming 200 metre butterfly. There are only a handful of women in Canada in my age class who swim it.


MS Iron Challenge: putting my MS to the test
There’s something about having Multiple Sclerosis (MS) that leaves me wanting to achieve more; to really put my MS to the test. With about three years of fitness training now behind me what next?


MSWarrior: releasing the beast within
It’s hard to not let Multiple Sclerosis (MS) leave you feeling defeated.
But just when you start feeling sorry for yourself along comes a boat full or warriors raining on your pity-party parade.


Above Water Sports: meeting my MS half way
Heat has always been one of my MS triggers, causing tingly toes and blurred vision within seconds of stepping outside during warm summer months. Living in Victoria, it’s hard to not be drawn to working outside. But how does one stay safe?

Multiple Sclerosis and Endurance Training
Fatigue is a common symptom of Multiple Sclerosis (MS). Endurance training is the deliberate act of exercising to increase stamina. So why not use endurance training as a way to combat fatigue?


Competing with MS: who wins?
To compete is to strive to outdo another for supremacy; engage in a contest; to compete in a race. I strive to prevent my Multiple Sclerosis (MS) from beating me. Find out how.


Exercise that Cools: for people with Multiple Sclerosis
For those of us with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) the need to stay cool can present a major barrier to fitness. Not knowing if heating up will trigger an attack can keep one away from the gym. So how does one remain cool while things are heating up?


About MSathlete: one survivor’s paradox
Diagnosed over fifteen years ago, I believed that minimizing stress levels was the best way to manage my disease. Today I live with, rather than in fear of my MS and believe that exercising is how I will survive my disease.


Have a story you would like to share? contact me.


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