Other Journeys: stories that inspire

MS Inspiration: Trail Blazer Carol Pal
Imagine a world where those of us with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) can do everything that everyone else can do. Now imagine a world where we can achieve more than those who don’t have MS. For a growing number of people with MS, including Carol Pal, this is their world.


MS Inspiration: Blind Vision
Blindness is a deeply personal subject for me. Although I am not blind, I have been twice; both times caused by MS attacks. So when I met a blind outrigger canoe team in Hawaii I am inspired and awestruck.



MSWarrior: releasing the beast within
It’s hard to not let Multiple Sclerosis (MS) leave you feeling defeated.
But just when you start feeling sorry for yourself along comes a boat full or warriors raining on your pity-party parade.


MS Inspiration: Dragon Boat Champion Sue Reid
When I need a bit of inspiration I look to the people around me. I look for someone who works at overcoming their disability and encourages others to do the same. Sue Reid, is such a person.


Have a story you would like to share? contact me.


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