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MS Marathon: MS Village – Part I: the Village
There were a lot of things running through my mind early Saturday evening, July 20th, as I completed a 34k swim. What stood out the most however was that “it takes a village.” This is my story of that village.



MS Fortune: MS Plea Every day when I wake up I remind myself that my life with Multiple Sclerosis is a fortunate one. I am fortunate to have found a way to live with my disease.


MS Body, MS Mind I spend a lot of time with my head under water these days. It gives me time to think. The thoughts that have entered (or entertained) my mind as of late: what the heck is going on with my body and why do I like having my head under water so much?


MS Madness: Making the Mileage in Maui One third of the way into my training program for an upcoming iron swim I thought it would be a good time to put my body to a Multiple Sclerosis (MS) stress test. I packed my bathing suit, cap and goggles and headed to Maui for a one week training camp hosted by Infinity Swimming.

MS Test: 933k to go
Over the next 23 weeks I will swim 933 kilometers to prepare for an iron swim. The test – will I be able to prepare my body in such a way that my MS can manage the strain?


MS Addiction: got dope?
There are over seventy-five drugs many of us have been prescribed for our Multiple Sclerosis. My drug of choice – dopamine – and I regularly self-medicate. Find out why.


MS Challenge: from me to you
For the longest time I have dreamt of swimming marathons. I would sit by the cottage window looking out over the lake wondering what it would be like to swim to the other side.


MS Marathon: open water swimming and Multiple Sclerosis
As with MS, a marathon swim requires a lot of mental and physical stamina as well as a great deal of planning if you are to make it to the other side. Both also require the foresight to recognize when things aren’t working.
Learn more.


MS Honour: A whale of a tale!
This year I decided to really push myself with distance swimming, and swimming in the ocean. To test my endurance I signed up for a 10k ocean swim.
Find out what happened.


Multiple Sclerosis in the Raw – a natural state of being
In my simple ways, I thought, if one of Canada’s premier triatheletes Brandan Brazier could use a plant-based whole foods nutrition plan to be a super athlete then maybe I can use it to be normal.


MS Predictability: Am I sick or having an MS attack?
The more I study my body’s response to the world around me the more predictable I find my Multiple Sclerosis.



Uncomfortably Numb: MS Tingles or Lactic Burn
This week my swim workouts were designed to increase my lactate tolerance. The increased speed had my body demanding more oxygen and my lactate acid production escalated. I could feel a tingly burning sensation in my arms and legs.


My MS Journey
Diagnosed over fifteen years ago, I have been using fitness and nutrition to manage my disease. Read more of my MS stories.
Other Journeys
It’s hard to not let Multiple Sclerosis (MS) or any other disease leave you feeling defeated. For inspiration and motivation, read other journeys.

Have a story you would like to share? contact me.

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